You can help bring spiritual and physical healing to hurting people

Texans on Mission helps put lives back together. We give structure and process to channel volunteer work into productive assistance for people in need. 

We don’t just jump and do what we want to do. We find out the specific needs and then connect volunteers with ways to meet those needs in an organized and helpful manner.

Passion to serve. Structure to be effective. Effort to change lives.


Active Volunteer Opportunities:

Water Impact Trip: Peru

Amazon River Region - Peru

Water Impact Trip: Peru (click here to register)

Water Impact, a ministry of TBM: Texans on Mission, will take a six-person team to drill a water well in an Amazon River village in Peru.  The group will also be involved in children’s evangelism.

It is a nine-day trip beginning on a Friday and returning on the second Saturday. The village will be in the same time zone as Texas and will thus make travel recovery easier.

There are no prerequisites for participation other than a vibrant faith in Christ and a willingness and ability to work with the drilling equipment. It does not require any technical knowledge of water well drilling. The Water Impact director will be with the team directing its work.

Prior to the trip, orientation meetings will be held via online Zoom calls involving participants. Further preparation and training will occur once the team arrives at the site. Lodging will be similar to a camping situation.

***Must have a current passport (cannot expire six months prior to trip).

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