There have been severe storms recently in Tyler. Texans on Mission volunteer teams are here for you – delivering help, hope and healing in the name of Christ.

Texans on Mission volunteer teams are helping:

  • Cut and remove fallen limbs and trees
  • Remove other large items
  • Encourage and pray with people
  • Share the gospel

Do you need assistance?

Are you affected by a disaster in East Texas? Texans on Mission would love to help you take the first steps in recovering from these disasters. Fill out the form below to apply for help. Someone with Texans on Mission will reach out to you soon.

If you live elsewhere in Texas and need assistance, please contact the Texas Division for Emergency Management or a local church.


Please fill out the form below if you need assistance. At this time, we are only receiving requests for Tyler, Texas. 

Since 1967, Texans on Mission volunteers have delivered help, hope and healing to millions after disasters of all kinds through mass feeding, chainsaw, flood recovery and chaplain teams.