Building God's kingdom together


Together, Texans on Mission Builders bring glory and honor to God while assisting ministries that might not be able to afford these costs on their own.


Over the past 20 years, members have used their hands - and their tools - in the construction of more than 1,600 church and camp facilities, saving these ministries millions of dollars in construction costs.


There's a place for you 

Whether you're an experienced foreman or a hobbyist, there's a place for you on the Builder's team. 

What do you need to volunteer?

  • A desire to serve.
  • Some comfort with tools and a willingness to learn new skills.
  • A day, week or several weeks to work on a project. 
  • A place to stay (Texans on Mission can help with this, particularly with projects at camps).



Want to get involved in a build?

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A conventional purchase for an unconventional retirement

Three years ago, David Wade reached a coveted milestone – retirement. Like many retirees, Wade’s first major purchase was an RV. His aspirations for the new asset, however, went far beyond escapades to the Ozark Mountains or peaceful getaways to tropical paradises. 

Instead, he planned to use the new “hotel room on wheels” to expand his volunteer work with Texas Baptist Men.

Wade has volunteered with TBM in various facets since 2005, even serving with the Collin County Chainsaw Team.

“I like to help wherever I can,” he said.    

Wade credits his lifelong passion for construction work to his father who managed a lumberyard. He then spent 32 years around airplane builders in his career as a contract manager, first for Boeing and later for Lockhead Martin.

Once he retired and purchased the RV in 2021, Wade began volunteering regularly with TBM Church Builders, a ministry wherein volunteers provide the labor for churches’ construction needs. The camper gives him the ability to travel to project locations with limited or no lodging options.

Since then, Wade has traveled to around 10 Church Builders projects. As the team’s unofficial “saw man,” he spends much of his time on jobsites sawing lumber.

“We’re doing it because we love to help people and spread the Word,” Wade said. “By building churches, we are providing a place to worship together.”

The work is both physically and spiritually nourishing, Wade said. Each day before work commences, the team gathers for prayer and a devotional. 

“It’s a great opportunity to be with a bunch of other Christians helping serve the Lord,” he said. “We even socialize together and eat together. It’s a sense of community.”

Since retirement, Wade and his wife Susan have traveled internationally to Egypt, Greece, Israel and Mexico. They reside in Irving, where Wade enjoys doing odd jobs around the house and helping his neighbors. Susan looks forward to traveling more alongside Wade in the RV once she retires.


TBM Builders ministries – including Church, Camp and Cabinet Builders – empower churches, camps and other ministries to accomplish their God-given visions of expanding the kingdom of God. Click here to learn more about opportunities to volunteer with TBM Builders