Together, Texans on Mission goes where God calls. 

God calls His people to serve locally, across the nation and to the ends of the earth. Featured below are stories of how Texans on Mission volunteers answered God's call to deliver help, hope and healing to thousands of people all over the globe.  


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Texans on Mission volunteers tackle chainsaw jobs, provide other services after Hurricane Beryl

Ken Anderson “rode out Beryl” in his Jones Creek home south of Houston. “We got hit harder than anybody, I believe. Lots of damage. Thousands of trees down.” One of those trees uprooted by Hurricane Beryl landed on Anderson’s home.

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People in Houston are hot; it’s not just the temperature

The city of Houston is hot, and we’re not talking about the temperature. People are angry and frustrated. Five days after Hurricane Beryl swept across southeast Texas, large parts of Houston remain dark. Traffic lights, restaurants, homes all lack power in many places. Internet service is sporadic.

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Texans on Mission providing thousands of meals, chainsaw crews for Beryl victims

Texans on Mission has deployed two mass feeding units to meet needs in the shadow of the vast power outage caused by Hurricane Beryl in recent days. It also has three chainsaw teams working to remove trees from homes and cars, as well as to give people access to their houses.

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Teams head to Houston; prayer at the center

The Texans on Mission State Feeding Unit rolled out to Houston Tuesday morning to serve meals after residents lost power due to Hurricane Beryl. Local TXM chainsaw teams are also in the area.

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Fidgeting with a purpose: ladies of TBM Camp Builders create unique quilts for extraordinary people

What do googly eyes, fuzzy yarns, zippers without openings and little stuffed animals poking out of pockets have in common? They are just a few of the items one would find garnishing fidget quilts designed by ladies in sewing rooms at Christian campgrounds.

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The ladies of Texans on Mission Camp Builders: sewing together for God’s kingdom

Sounds of roaring electric saws and clanging hammers reverberate outdoors across Christian campgrounds courtesy of hardworking Texans on Mission Camp Builders volunteers. Inside, different sounds are heard. They're the whirs of sewing machines, snips of scissors and laughter from a great group of friends serving God in a remarkable way.

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Preston Cave provides leadership training at Super Summer

Last week at Super Summer Texas, Texans on Mission helped young leaders develop a personal life plan to impact the world in Christ’s name.

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Texans on Mission helps McKinney church meet water needs in Cuba

A group from Crosspoint Church in McKinney recently traveled with Proclaim Cuba to minister in that Caribbean country. They took with them water filters provided by Texans on Mission.

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Jack Tennison builds furniture and much, much more

Jack Tennison has built more than 6,000 pieces of furniture for ministries from Texas to Canada to Cuba, but at age 92 he’s now lost count. Still, he and others working with him keep building.

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Smith County honors TXM volunteers with Community Hero Award

Smith County officials honored Texans on Mission Disaster Relief with a Community Hero Award Thursday for work the volunteers have done helping more than 100 residents clean up their properties damaged by the severe weather in late May and early June.

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Veteran presents flags to chainsaw team

Texans on Mission's Deep East Texas chainsaw team receiving surprising gifts recently after finishing work on a house in Dallas. The homeowners presented the team with an American flag and U.S. Army 101st Airborne Division flag.

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St. Andrew, Northlake churches work for those in need

Volunteers from St. Andrew Methodist Church and Northlake Baptist Church came to the Texans on Mission headquarters in Dallas to make evangelism bracelets and First Step hygiene kits for those in need.

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