Deliver help, hope and healing in the name of Christ to those suffering after a disaster. 

Texans on Mission has responded to every natural disaster in Texas since 1967 and many beyond it, including the Southeast Asia tsunami, Hurricane Katrina and the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks. Through a diverse array of ministries, Texans on Mission has provided the calm after the storm for millions.

Go on Mission

You can deliver help, hope and healing after a disaster by becoming a member of a Texans on Mission Disaster Relief team. Through Texans on Mission Disaster Relief teams, you can:

  • Provide practical help during tragedies by serving hot, nutritious meals and providing access to shower and laundry services.
  • Be part of a chainsaw team that moves debris and fallen and damaged trees.
  • Clean out and repair homes damaged by floods and fire.
  • Pray with and encourage survivors, offering hope for better days after the storm.

Volunteer Now


Be the calm in the storm

As a disaster relief volunteer, you can: 

  • Assess damage
  • Distribute boxes and packing supplies
  • Chainsaw fallen trees
  • Install temporary roofs
  • Manage large-scale relief efforts
  • Minister as a chaplain
  • Mud out damaged homes
  • Offer free shower and laundry services
  • Provide child care
  • Serve warm, nutritious meals


Share your faith and meet human need through international relief with Texans on Mission


Texans on Mission is uniquely experienced and equipped to respond to physical and spiritual needs around the wrold because of our decades of work closer to home.


We stepped up when:

  • An earthquake rocked Turkey and Syria.
  • War came to Uikraine.
  • A train derailed in India. 
  • War came to Israel.

Texans on Mission experience and expertise providing disaster relief in the United States translates well into helping others in may countries. When we respod to international need, we carry out Jesus' callig to reach the ends of the earth in His name. 


Explore your calling to international relief



Read more about Texans on Mission Disaster Relief teams 

TBM Disaster Relief deploys volunteer teams to serve after Kentucky floods

TBM Disaster Relief has deployed volunteer teams to meet needs after widespread flooding in Kentucky and has scheduled a larger wave of volunteers to follow shortly after.

A TBM laundry unit as well as a team of chaplains already is en route to Jackson, Ky., and feeding, shower/laundry, flood recovery, incident management and electrical support teams will be headed that way this weekend.

Heavy rains poured across the region, creating significant runoff in the Kentucky mountains. The water has pooled in valleys, flooding homes and in some cases entire towns. At least 37 people have died and many more have lost their homes.

“The scene in Eastern Kentucky is heartbreaking,” TBM Disaster Relief Director David Wells said. “People are in shock. They've lost everything and are struggling with what to do next. TBM volunteers will provide the help they need and replace their hurt with hope.”

TBM has delivered help, hope and healing to hurting people since 1967. TBM volunteers have served millions after disasters through mass feeding, flood recovery, chainsaw, shower/laundry and chaplain teams.

This year has been one of the busiest in TBM history. Teams have ministered after multiple tornadoes, storms and fires across Texas and beyond. While TBM teams are serving in Kentucky, another one will be cleaning out flooded homes in St. Louis.

“Whether it’s due to wildfires in Texas or flooded homes in Kentucky and St. Louis, people are hurting in many places today,” said Mickey Lenamon, TBM executive director and CEO. “TBM volunteers are seeking to share God’s love in these difficult situations by meeting needs and offering encouragement. Please be in prayer for TBM teams as they serve, as well as for those who have been impacted by these terrible situations.”