As people, we are ... less than perfect. We mess up. We make bad decisions. We sin. That creates a gap between us and God.

But God sent His son, Jesus, to die on the cross to give us a path to have a relationship with God. Through that relationship, God renews us daily and guides us through life. He loves us dearly and we become children of God. Watch the video above to learn how you can have a relationship with Christ starting today.

Next steps

When we confess our sins to Christ, He forgives us. The slate is wiped clean. Does that mean the temptation to sin goes away? Of course not! Let's talk about what it means to follow Christ daily, casting our eyes upon Him.

Part of following God each day is connecting with a church near you that will help you grow in your new faith, pray for you and walk alongside you in life. All of us need someone to celebrate life's good moments and help us through life's bad times. Click here to find a church near you.

Did you make a spiritual decision today? Let us celebrate with you!

We would love to welcome you into the family of God. We'd love to pray for you and encourage you in your new faith. If you just made a spiritual decision, would you send an email to You just met Preston in the video above, and he'd love to connect with you and help you grow in your relationship with Christ.