Volunteers Needed!

Apply for TBM Response to Israel 

Since 2018, TBM has been training volunteers and preparing to meet needs in Israel. A specialized TBM feeding team is providing thousands of meals a day in rocket-ravaged neighborhoods.

We are monitoring the situation in Israel and may need to send more volunteers if the conflict intensifies. We are making contingency plans to send as many as 150 more volunteers. If you would like to be considered to serve in Israel during this time, please read the requirements below and apply at the link below. 

Serving in Israel will be challenging physically, emotionally and spiritually. You must be prepared to handle extreme physical and mental conditions of serving in a crisis situation. While completion of the Israel feeding training course is not required, this can not be your first disaster relief call out. 

Requirements to serve in Israel: 

  • Two-week commitment, including travel.
  • Must have current TBM Disaster Relief credentials. If you need to renew your credentials, click here to do it online.
  • Must be in good to great overall health and you cannot bring medications that need refrigeration.
  • This deployment is labor intensive. You must be able to stand and work for 8 hours in the hot sun. 
  • Need to be adaptable and flexible with a desire to serve. 
  • Motion sickness needs to be controllable. Long distance drives (in a bus or van) are normal. 
  • Must be a committed Christian. 
  • Must be positive and culturally sensitive. Any joking or negative commentary about Kosher diets will not be allowed. 
  • Must have a valid passport with an expiration date that is more than 6 months to expiration.