You can help bring spiritual and physical healing to hurting people

Texans on Mission helps put lives back together. We give structure and process to channel volunteer work into productive assistance for people in need. 

We don’t just jump and do what we want to do. We find out the specific needs and then connect volunteers with ways to meet those needs in an organized and helpful manner.

Passion to serve. Structure to be effective. Effort to change lives.


Active Volunteer Opportunities:

Water Impact Trip: Uganda

Northeastern Region - Uganda

Water Impact, a ministry of Texans on Mission, will take a 10-person team to take a tour of Texans and Ugandans on Mission's work in the Omoro district of Uganda. The team will have the opportunity to experience water well drilling, hygiene training, savings for life groups, youth running club, church services and possible baptisms.  

There will be several full days of ministry opportunities. We will be evaluating the gifts of those who are coming and fit you with the ministry that accents your spiritual giftedness.

There will be approximately a day and a half of time spent enjoying the culture and beauty of Uganda. 

This is a nine-day trip beginning on a Monday and returning on the second Wednesday.  

Prior to the trip, orientation meetings will be held via Zoom calls involving all participants. Further preparation and training will occur once the team arrives at the site. Lodging will be in primitive motels.

***Must have a current passport (cannot expire six months from dates of travel).


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