TBM volunteers Jim and Monica McDougal (above at right) were on hand for the anniversary and shared time with friends from the church, Bill and Peggy Means (left), who are also TBM volunteers. The TBM callout to West was the first for the McDougals from Temple.

TBM was honored to spend time Sunday morning, April 23, with First Baptist Church in West in remembrance of the 10th anniversary of a fertilizer plant explosion in the city. By partnering with the church, TBM volunteers were able to quickly meet needs in the wake of the situation.

“TBM served the community of West for months following the explosion in 2013, providing assistance of every kind," said David Hardage, TBM's director of church engagement. "First Baptist Church held a special 10th Anniversary service on Sunday, April 23.  Usually this annual service is held outdoors but due to weather was moved into the church’s worship center.  It was a special day of remember the losses, celebrating the recovery and praising God for his constant presence and provision."

TBM's David Hardage (left) spends time with John Crowder, senior pastor of First Baptist Church in West, Sunday, April 23. Crowder has been pastor in West 28 years and lost his house in the explosion.