Amarillo's CBS affiliate, KFDA channel 10, reported Wednesday on TBM's flood recovery work in the Texas Panhandle city.

Paramount Baptist Church’s TBM disaster relief team worked on its first house Wednesday, KFDA said. "The team focused on taking out everything that was flooded, which the homeowner says water came into every part of the house, except the master bedroom and kitchen," according to reporter Sydnee Batzlaff.

Team member Carol Simpson told KFDA, “Every drop of sweat was worth it because that might save them one tear."

The work is hard, Batzlaff reported. 

Ernest McNabb, blue cap for TBM's Paramount team, told KFDA: “The problem is water gets in the house and it gets in the sheet rock and the carpet and then it gets in the insulation and it forms black mold and so we take out the sheet rock take out the insulation and spray it with shock waves and kill the black mold."

The homeowner can then focus on rebuilding.

“It’s going to save a lot of labor and save us some money and that’s going to really help us and we can get in sooner, as a result of it, get back into the house and get tired of living elsewhere, we live with our kids right now,” homeowner Doyle Ross told KFDA.

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