Akot Hellen Odong (above right) is a mother of eight. She and her husband, Odong Bir Jackson, are farmers who grow maize, soya and eggplant, mostly for home consumption. 

They are among beneficiaries of a well drilled this year by Texans and Ugandans on Mission in the village of Aleppo. The well is now providing water for 420 residents.

Before the new well, she said residents faced tough challenges in accessing clean water. They had depended on open, hand-dug wells in at Kalongo and Lubanga Ngeyo, a 45-minute walk away. Those open wells also dry up during part of the year.

A report from our workers in Uganda said: "Additionally, there are always many people at the water source, and yet the water is scarce, leading to delays. The water is brown and contains a lot of mud as well as red worms, which come from underground. Due to limited time and a high cost of fuel, people cannot boil the water, which causes typhoid when consumed. The water source is open, and anything can enter the water source, making it dirty."  

There are so many Ugandan villages facing this predicament, and we are working day in and day out to bring the villages in the Omoro District clean drinking water along with the pure spiritual water offered through Christ.

Residents in Alepu dedicate a new well drilled by Texans and Ugandans on Mission.