Specially trained TBM disaster relief volunteers are at a secure site in Israel, preparing about 2,000 meals a day for civilians displaced by bombing, the Baptist Standard reported Oct. 11.

"The TBM crew — all of whom trained in Israel to learn how to cook culturally appropriate meals for religiously observant citizens of the region — arrived in two waves," the story said.

"When the team’s initial flight was cancelled, the 19-member TBM crew had to split into two groups. After some circuitous travel, the first group arrived in Jordan on Oct. 10 and walked across the border into Israel. Next, they were transported by bus to the same facility where they had trained with Israel’s Emergency Volunteers Project. The second group of TBM volunteers arrived the next day."

The Baptist Standard's Ken Camp interviewed Gary Finley, TBM's Israel volunteer coordinator who is in Israel with the team.

 “We had to go through multiple military checkpoints at the border,” Finley told the Standard. “The meals are being distributed by EVP volunteers, who are going into hot spots where there are displaced people,” Finley said. “Those are areas where homes have been damaged or destroyed and are prone to missile attacks. No TBM volunteers are placed in harm’s way.”

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