With a toolbelt on one hip and an oxygen tank on the other, 79-year-old TBM Church Builders volunteer Bob Davis tackles each new project with gratitude for the opportunity to live another day and help churches share the Gospel.

Davis’s health challenges began 20 years ago when he was diagnosed with severe rheumatoid arthritis. As the owner of a construction business, Davis chose not to let the disease slow him down. Rather, it encouraged him to be more active.

“I cannot sit down and do nothing,” he said. “I’ve got to stay busy, or I'll lose it all. The work keeps the movement going.”

Once he semi-retired, Davis maintained his active lifestyle by volunteering with TBM: Texans on Mission. Two years ago, he participated in his first Church Builders project, where he found a fun and safe environment to use his God-given talents to help others.

“Going on the TBM trips I feel safe,” he explained. “My oxygen equipment is safe, and I enjoy doing the work and helping people out.”

Even though TBM Church Builders aims to bless ministries in need of construction assistance, Davis says he concludes each project receiving a blessing himself.

“We are on the backside, out of sight, of spreading the Gospel,” he said. “We get the blessing by going and building and helping churches improve their facilities or obtain the facilities where they have a better place to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and that’s what it’s all about.”

Davis’s wife of 58 years, Rosalee, accompanies Davis on many Church Builders projects and serves on various projects with the other women. They reside in Matador, where Davis has led numerous mission trips with First Baptist Church in Matador.

To anyone who wants to become a Builder, Davis says: “Get up and come on and enjoy the fellowship with the other people. … We always need help. It gets you up. You not only get exercise, you get the enjoyment of doing God’s work.” 


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