Texans on Mission Church Builders along with Challengers and others from First Baptist Church in Hempstead began Monday demolishing the interior of an former monastery in Corpus Christi. The building, now owned by Majesty Outdoors, is being converted into a mentoring center for children without fathers.

The day started with the volunteers ripping out old, unneeded walls and conduit. Project leaders studied architectural plans and made specific calculations. Lots of clean up had to occur. Then boards were measured and cut for walls to begin going up on Tuesday.

Majesty Outdoors calls this property The Garden Commission. The 13,200-square-feet building sits on about 9 acres. "We’ll develop and teach classes for single moms, single dads, families, and kids on how to live a life that goes 'Back to the Garden', a life to raise children in a manner that honors God, even in a society that doesn’t," its website says.

Majesty Outdoors mentors fatherless youth. "Our mission is to show the love of Jesus Christ to fatherless youth by providing them with outdoor experiences and mentorship. We believe that spending time in nature and connecting with positive role models can have a transformative impact on young people's lives. Our team is dedicated to helping young people develop a sense of purpose, build strong character, and discover their unique talents and abilities."