After a month of respite, TBM Camp Builder volunteers eagerly returned to work in January at Trinity Pines Conference Center in Trinity, Texas. They were so eager, in fact, they completed two weeks’ worth of projects in the first three days.

“It was like holding back a team of horses,” TBM Camp Builders Coordinator Larry Quinn said about the 12 couples who began 2022 by serving others through Camp Builders. “They were really enthusiastic and just anxious to get going.”

The group first wrapped up some projects from a previous trip to Trinity Pines in November. Then they began new work in the camp dining hall, where they demolished sheetrock, prepped for painting and relocated lighting to make way for a new suspended ceiling.

“The camp has faced water leaks in the dining hall in the past,” Quinn said. “The new ceiling will help them identify any potential water leak issues and give a facelift to the whole area, brightening up the space.”

Once they completed all the tasks in the dining hall, the volunteers used their extra time building picnic tables and gaga pits. Meanwhile, many of the ladies used their skills sewing reusable feminine products, girls’ dresses and fidget quilts for various ministries.