Today several TBM Volunteers served 15,000 meals to homeless families as part of Operation Care at the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center in Dallas. 

Attendees got to be part of an amazing day with haircuts, gifts, coats, shoes, pony rides, petting zoo, medical evaluations, family pictures with Santa, foot washing and more. Each felt special, cared for, cared about, and loved.

One of today’s volunteers, Wendy Morris, brought her whole family. “We are here to reach out to our neighbors by feeding people, caring for people. It’s was Jesus would have done and what Jesus wants us to do. Actually, we need to do more of it.” Looking down the serving line at her children she added, “I want them to know there is something better to do with their time than electronic gaming.”

Walking around, meeting people and hearing individual stories highlighted that fact everyone has a story and everyone is made in the image of God. Today, I met families who have jobs but can’t meet housing payments, veterans from armed forces and from Vietnam, and individuals who struggle daily with issues.

Numerous people from the cooking team that started at 4:00 this morning recently returned from serving in North Carolina and Florida after the recent hurricanes. Their dedication continues to impress me and heightens my happiness about being part of this organization.

I’m grateful for TBM and that some of our volunteers got to be part of Operation Care again this year as each of us looks for ways to better serve people we often walk past without noticing. 

One of my favorite Crowder songs is “Come as You Are” making it clear that whatever our situation, we are welcomed by God. To me, an extension of this truth is also “Go as You Are” since each of us is already equipped to serve – just as you are.