When Hurricane Harvey struck the Texas gulf coast in 2017, the city of Rockport took a direct hit. The storm crawled through the state at a sluggish 5 mph, wreaking havoc in its path with powerful wind, heavy rains and even tornadoes.

Four years later, Coastal Oaks Baptist Church still is recovering from damage caused by the infamous hurricane. One of the church’s largest buildings, which housed the only privately-owned gymnasium in the city, was completely devastated and required demolition. The church called on TBM to see where the ministry could help.

In November, around 14 volunteers with TBM Church Builders began rebuilding the facility, which will eventually house a gym, education space and kitchen. Volunteers framed the first and second floors of the new space, handled electrical work and assisted in other projects as needed.

“The work we do is behind the scenes, but it helps pastors and teachers do what they’re called to do,” TBM Builders Coordinator Wayne Pritchard said. “We provide facilities for people to use to minister to others for Christ.”

Once completed, the building – designed with youth in mind – will open many doors for ministry in Rockport, said Coastal Oaks Baptist Church Project Manager Ken Marks. In addition to youth ministry, it will also serve as an event space for the community.

“It is really hard work but some of the most gratifying work I’ve ever done in my life,” said TBM volunteer Randy Lloyd, who regularly serves with TBM Church Builders alongside his wife of 47 years Patsy. “It’s gratifying because we know it’s work for the Lord and not for us.”