After a lifetime of serving others, an elderly couple living in Seagoville has had their well-worn home blessed by a nearby church, their community, TBM and ultimately the Lord.

Gary Carrier worked as a plumber and provided a unique service earlier in his life, said John Hanson, project coordinator. He covered the cost of maintenance needed for widows. Since then, Carrier has retired and suffers from moderate Alzheimer's, which has caused difficulty in maintaining his own home.

Their daughter, Tammy Norton, often sent contractors to assess the house's condition and determine the cost of restoring it to decent shape. However, most contractors would offer services that could only partially repair issues or would give an estimate that exceeded what the couple could afford.

Norton voiced her frustrations to her in-laws, John and Cherlyn Hanson. With time, Tammy said, “I surrendered it, and the Lord has been so faithful."

Cheryl Hanson started to feel a tug on her heart to help the Carriers – Gary and his wife, Yvonne.

Although it was a huge challenge, John Hanson said, "There's nothing that God won't help us do." With that faith being the project's foundation, the Lord moved in mighty ways.

The Hansons knew they needed to start with their church, Central Baptist in Crandall, which happens to be where David Wells, TBM's state director of disaster relief, is also a member. Hanson came to the church's Great Commandment Team, which agreed to pray and work with him in pursuing the project, Wells said.

Various church members stepped up by donating siding, windows, flooring, painting, other material and labor. TBM stepped in for one part – drywall for the interior walls.

"I saw God’s hand all over this as a lot of people became the hands and feet of Jesus, coming together to make the impossible possible," Wells said.

When the project began, the house's condition was almost unliveable. Their pier and beam floors had completely worn away from termites. Curt Neal, director of TBM's Collin County Rebuild team, said, "The decking completely rotted, so much that if someone walked on it, they could fall through." Yet Carrier and his wife, Yvonne, had to stay there.

Water damage had impacted drywall and wiring throughout the home. John said, "With time, the wiring could have caused a fire." Additionally, windows throughout the house had no insulation leaving the elderly couple feeling all weather conditions throughout the year. Ultimately, the house was in horrible condition and needed a miracle.

Beginning May 15, around 10-12 volunteers came to work on the house. Each volunteer gave up countless hours to serve the Carriers. Rupert Robbins, associate director of disaster relief, shared that "many volunteers have never served with TBM, yet their efforts made a significant difference."

TBM volunteers hung and taped 75 drywall sheets around the house in five days. Church volunteers put in all-new floor beams.

Tammy stated that she is "so impressed with how [the team is] thinking about my parents' needs and making the home handicap accessible for them." she continued, "They have gone above and beyond." The Carriers had a laundry room built, a new accessible shower installed, completely new siding around the exterior, insulated windows, and brand-new wiring throughout the house.

Church members, friends, and family used the resources they have been blessed with to cover all expenses needed to complete the rebuild for Gary and Yvonne, Neal said. "Many people donated everything for this project because this couple had no resources to complete it on their own."…The ultimate purpose of this project was to display the love of Jesus to such a deserving couple."

The house will be like new in the coming weeks, and the Carriers will not have spent a penny. Tammy shared on behalf of her parents that "they are overwhelmed and grateful beyond belief."