Texans on Mission volunteers brought diesel, hay, cattle panels, food and lots of ash-out labor to Fritch this week. Today, they are bringing something small but heart felt – cookies.

Each family unit attending First Southern Baptist Church in Fritch today will receive a gift bag of cookies prepared by the Texans on Mission feeding team. They will also receive a second bag to give to a neighbor or survivor or whomever they want as a "smile from Jesus Cookie Ministry," said volunteer Joe Crutchfield.

Feeding team member and volunteer Susanne Herrington of First Baptist Church of Plano, said in addition to cooking for TBM volunteers, “we also have a cookie ministry and this is a first time that this will be implemented.”

Herrington said the feeding team is “sending out gift bags with a TBM logo on them, and we have cookie bags that we seal with another TBM logo.

“We put four cookies per bag and we are taking them to (families and businesses) this week.”

So far, we have been taking them to businesses.

The response, she said, has been “overwhelming with gratitude and appreciation.”

We have been met with overwhelming response of gratitude, appreciation.

“It is just another way to show that TBM loves them, but more than that, it is saying Jesus Christ loves you.”

The photo above shows Herrington and Crutchfield.