Peggy Elery is a mom. She’s also a grandmother. She’s also a TBM volunteer.

Peggy and Phil Elery have two grown sons and four grandchildren (all 3 years old or younger). Over the past few years they have been able to retire early and are now active in TBM’s Disaster Relief ministries.

“I guess you could say volunteering with TBM can be the same as the supporting role of being a mother,” Peggy said. “Whether you are helping your kids/grandkids, neighbors, friends or volunteering at TBM by helping total strangers, ixt is all so very rewarding.”

Phil retired in 2017 and went to Orange later that year for his first disaster response. “When he came back, he said, ‘We are all in; this is where I feel God is leading us to serve.’”

Peggy retired in 2020 and became a TBM volunteer. Phil is now state coordinator for TBM’s shower/laundry units, and Peggy calls herself Phil’s “right hand girl,” supporting him behind the scenes on different deployments. Because of her employment background, she also supports the TBM Disaster Relief office team as needed.

When on site with a shower/laundry team, Peggy also finds herself helping other disaster teams, such as “washing cambros or opening cans to help with the mass feeding team,” she said. “No matter where we are helping we truly enjoy the hard work and fellowship with friends of TBM.

“We are privileged to be part of this wonderful ministry.”