When Thomas Arnold was six, he dreamed of going to church camp. It looked like such fun. He longed to go. But he couldn’t afford it.


A few years later, the Bi-Fork Baptist Association rallied around the Royal Ambassadors of Red Springs Baptist Church outside Seymour to send the boys to Camp Copass in Denton. It was more than Arnold imagined. It was life-changing.


There he memorized the Roman Road, realized he was a sinner and committed to following Christ throughout his life.


Under the leadership of his father, Arnold matured in his faith as a Royal Ambassador and later a Challenger. He served as an associational staffer in middle school and a TBM State Staffer throughout his high school years.


“I learned more about the Bible and more about Jesus,” Arnold said. “I learned how He affects others. I learned how everything points to Him. I grew stronger in my faith.”


He also got to share the gospel with boys at summer camps just like someone once did with him.


“I’m able to show the blessings that were given to me as a child. I think that’s amazing. I think everyone should be given that opportunity.”


Royal Ambassadors and Challengers changed Arnold’s life. They give him a path for new opportunities and experiences. They helped him mature. Now he’s taking that preparation into the Marine Corps Reserves. He encourages young people to get involved in the programs.


“Go for it,” he tells them. “It’s a lot of fun. There’s a lot of great things you’ll be able to do. You’ll meet a lot of cool people and learn more about Christ.”