In the past few weeks, I've asked you to pray for Israel and the TBM volunteers who were serving in the midst of the war. You've been incredibly faithful, and your prayers have made an incredible difference as we serve during this fluid situation.

Today, I'm asking you to praise God for what He's doing through TBM in Israel. Here are some reasons to thank Him:

  • To date, TBM volunteers have prepared 39,600 meals for people in Southern Israel and the West Bank. Each one of those represents a need met in the name of Christ.
  • People are overwhelmingly grateful for the meals. They have repeatedly thanked our team for serving.
  • The Gospel is being shared. When Israelis see Texans giving away free kosher meals in the middle of a war, they naturally have questions about why we're doing it. TBM volunteers have been able to share about the transformational love of God.
  • The process to ramp up meal capacity is going smoothly.

A lot of people have asked me what serving in Israel looks like. Let me invite you to watch this video to see it in action. Hopefully it provides a glimpse of how this ministry works.

Thank you for continuing to lift Israel and TBM volunteers up in prayer throughout this situation. God is working, and you are part of His work.


Mickey Lenamon
TBM Executive Director/CEO