While the day was wrapping up Monday evening for many Texans on Mission Disaster Relief volunteers, the shower/laundry teams were getting things ready for another day of work. The TXM shower/laundry teams help the other volunteers keep themselves and their clothes clean in what is often dirty work. They also provide help for members of the community.

Remember the old saying — cleanliness is next to godliness.

Susanne Herrington, reponded on social media: "Thank you! Yes indeed – that shower at the end of a day is very welcomed!!"

And Mike Mitchell said: "God bless our crucial support units. Volunteers couldn’t begin to do the things they do for homeowners without the support of shower and laundry, feeding teams, electric and electronic support, asset protection, chaplains and others. They are a vital part of the heartbeat of Texans on Mission – TBM."

Please pray for these faithful volunteers today.