I have some very good news to share this week: The need for mass feeding in Israel has declined to the point where our Israeli partners can meet the need on their own with TBM-designed equipment.

As a result, TBM's third team in Israel has now returned home, and we expect this to be our last team to Israel with this crisis.

You have been one of our consistent prayer warriors during this crisis, and that has been essential. I also have heard from many about how you appreciated the weekly Israel Prayer Updates. This will be the last Israel update but not the last TBM prayer update. I will send you specifics for prayer anytime our volunteers are deployed or if we learn of a special need.

The war, of course, is not over. There remains much that requires our prayers.

This week ...


  • Thank you, God, for raising up Israeli volunteers to handle the food needs in Israel.
  • Thank you, God, for enabling TBM to come alongside the people in Israel as a testimony to Christ's care for all people.
  • Thank you, God, for allowing TBM to bring together other Christian groups in the United States for this coordinated work.

We have a video this week that you may like to share with your friends or in your church. In the video, TBM volunteer Gary Finley talks to an Israeli woman who has lived in a hotel for the two months since the Hamas attack. In broken English, she speaks of being scared to death and of the desire to go home. Finley asks for prayer for all of those people who seek to go to their homes and that the war will soon end.

Click here to watch the video.


  • God to bless and strengthen the Israeli volunteers who will continue to provide meals for those in need.
  • God to help more people to return to their homes.
  • God to move among the millions of Israelis and Palestinians to bring peace to the region.

Thank you for continuing to lift up the Israeli and Palestinian people and TBM volunteers. God is working, and you are a vital part of His work.


Mickey Lenamon
TBM Executive Director/CEO