This week, you are providing the 100,000th meal with TBM-designed equipment since the war erupted. That number will continue to grow as the third TBM team is now serving.

You are providing hot meals to people who have lost everything, including their homes and their loved ones. You are fueling first responders who are actively serving. You are delivering a message of compassion and hope across the region. Thank you for continuing to make a difference in the midst of very difficult circumstances.

This week ...


  • Thank you, God, for a pause in the conflict.
  • Thank you, God, for every person TBM is serving.
  • Thank you, God, for bringing forward the needed funds.
  • Thank you, God, for providing safe travel for the third TBM team.


  • God to keep us centered on our mission of providing physical and spiritual care for those in need.
  • God to bless the work of TBM volunteers now in Israel – for their safety, witness and work.
  • God to raise up and prepare the right TBM volunteers for the next team.
  • God to use these terrible circumstances to point people to Christ, the Redeemer.
  • God to move among the millions of Israelis and Palestinians to bring peace to the region.

Today, we posted two new stories to our website about our work in Israel.

First, we have a story about the experience of one of our volunteers, Doug Hall. Be sure to read this about the "weight of war" being experienced in Israel. Click here.

Second, we have the latest news on our newest team's arrival in Israel. Click here.

Thank you for continuing to lift up the Israeli and Palestinian people and TBM volunteers. God is working, and you are a vital part of His work.


Mickey Lenamon
TBM Executive Director/CEO