The Southern Baptist Convention North American Mission Board honored TBM volunteer Rachel Schieck with its Distinguished Service Award during a roundtable gathering of Southern Baptist Disaster Relief Leaders in Louisville, Ky. on Jan. 29.


Shieck is an integral part of TBM Disaster Relief, working nearly every day as a volunteer in a variety of areas. Nationally, she works with forms to make sure teams have what they need while on the field. In Texas, she schedules and arranges training events in the Panhandle as well as works behind the scenes with team coordination, training and tracking statewide.


She and her husband, Russell – who is also a TBM volunteer – have served on the field in the wake of many disasters in Texas and beyond.


“TBM wouldn’t be who we are without Rachel,” TBM Disaster Relief Director Dwain Carter. “We wouldn’t be able to deliver help, hope and healing as effectively as we do without her. Day in and day out, she works tirelessly to help hurting people and share the Good News of Christ. She is an inspiration and encouragement to all.”


The award was a shock to Shieck. Each day, she quietly focuses on the task at hand, helping disaster relief ministry however she can.


“I’m honored for the award,” she said. “I never saw this coming. I’m simply thankful for the privilege to serve God in whatever way He chooses. God has called Russell and I to this ministry, and we believe in it deeply. We look forward to continuing to serve.”


TBM Disaster Relief began with a small group of men who fed families and first responders with “buddy burners” – camping-like cooking equipment – after Hurricane Beulah struck the Rio Grande Valley in 1967. The ministry grew exponentially from there. TBM Disaster Relief has since provided the calm after the storm for millions through mass feeding, chainsaw teams, and cleaning out and rebuilding houses.


Along the way, TBM trained disaster relief volunteers in all 50 states, laying the groundwork for Southern Baptist Disaster Relief, now the nation’s third largest disaster relief network.