A veteran builder of a variety of projects for God’s glory, Wayne Pritchard has been named the new leader of TBM Builders. Pritchard is passionate about helping people use the skills and acquire new skills to build for God’s glory.

Pritchard recently shared a little bit about himself. Will you pray for him and all the TBM Builders as God calls them to service?

Why are you involved in TBM Builders?

I became a TBM team member in order to use the talents that God provided to me. I have a servant’s heart and experience great joy from helping others as God leads me. My experience with TBM is short, but I was “hooked” from the beginning and God has revealed to me that this is where he wants to use me to further His kingdom.

In your time working on Builders projects, can you share one story that has really impacted you or stuck with you?

Working on a TBM project in Gilmer had a profound impact on me that I had never experienced before. One day during break time, Melanie, who is responsible for the Hanna House ministry, expressed how blessed they were to have us there building their new ministry house. I thanked her and replied that what she did not realize was the blessing was really mine. That conversation really changed my thinking about serving others in the name of our Lord, and that if I continued to focus on Him, the internal joy (blessing) that I experienced was almost overwhelming.

What is God seeking to do through TBM Builders?

I feel that God is using TBM Builders as a tangible way to reach lost people for Christ. The buildings that we build allow churches and camps to share the Good News of Jesus Christ all over Texas. If we keep our focus on Him, I know we will continue to be amazed at how He works out all the details, keeps us safe and prepares the way before us.

How can people get involved in TBM Builders? Do I need any special skills to volunteer?

We are in a rebuilding phase for Church builders and are seeking to expand our volunteer work force. We need people with all types of constructions skills such as framing, electrical, plumbing, sheetrock, etc., regardless of their level of experience. Our skilled workers are eager to teach and help new members learn new skills. Anyone with a desire to be involved with a group of believers to serve others is welcome. Please contact me if you feel led to become a part of our ministry.

For more information about TBM Builders, contact Pritchard at wayne.pritchard@tbmtx.org.