Heavy rains over a short period caused flooding in Kaufman County east of Dallas last fall. Afterward, Texans on Mission learned that one home belonged to a military veteran and his family.

The Herrera family had renovated their home last year, and then “the flood ruined most of what they put into it,” said Rafael Munoz, coordinator of Texans on Mission Rebuild. “They attend a nearby church, and they were familiar with our response efforts so they welcomed our assistance.”

In Combine, a community of just over 2,000 residents, the Herrera family owned one of the homes damaged in the flood. The water destroyed their flooring, trim, sheetrock and even some of the exterior siding.

Herrera did his own “mud out” work, removing water-logged flooring, sheetrock and trim. But, in January, Texans on Mission volunteers led the response to repair the family’s home, with a local business donating materials. They replaced the flooring and sheetrock, plus interior and exterior trim.

When all repairs were completed, the family of six was ecstatic to have their home back in good repair.

“The Herrera family could have fought back on their own and figured it out, but we came at the right time for them and alleviated that long road ahead,” Munoz said.