Jim "Pinky" Pinkston checks out the TBM generator he helped build 17 years ago.

Dallas facility needed electricity during maintenance

TBM hooked up a generator Wednesday in Dallas to keep the power on for a seniors' independent building while maintenance was to be performed to the facility's electrical lines. The building was going to be without power 12 hours Wednesday night, until the TBM crew came to the rescue.

"We’re making sure residents have power for heat, oxygen machines and CPAP breathing support," said John Hall, TBM's chief mission officer. 

TBM has a powerful commercial generator that is being used to power the facility. "One of the men who put together this generator in 2006 lives in the seniors facility," Hall said. "Jim "Pinky" Pinkston knew TBM had the capability of providing power for the building, so he called TBM. What he built to help others those many years ago ended up helping him and his neighbors. Amazing! God blesses those who help others in need, and He does so in ways that surprise us."

Regular power at the building was back on Thursday.