TBM Discipleship has brought a global cultural movement into the church to help participants move toward a more vibrant, calling-driven faith. It’s called Escape Room Mission Experience.

“It’s an experience that helps participants escape from a lifeless faith and move into a faith built on calling, mission and purpose,” said Preston Cave, TBM missions and discipleship coordinator. “t can also be used by both students and adults.”

Escape rooms, in general, have gained popularity in recent years. They involve teams of players using clues to solve puzzles and accomplish tasks in order to accomplish a goal in a set amount of time. They can be literally escaping from rooms, or, as with the Mission Experience, accomplishing a specific goal.

“The goal of this experience is to help people escape from routine, non-biblical ways of doing church,” Cave said. “Our theme is Rebuild the Church, and we promote this by showing individuals a path toward a true life calling.”

Cave has led the experience in more than 80 churches, but it can be led by anyone. “Everything needed for the Mission Experience is contained in a duffle bag that can be shipped to a church or ministry that would like to use it,” he said.

To date, more than 7,500 students have gone through the experience.

The Mission Experience takes no longer than 55 minutes, Cave said, but most groups finish in 45-minutes. “The goal is to discover four words that reveal hidden codes to progress players through the experience. At the end, each participant will be given a small Blueprints for Life book that explains the Gospel in a simple, yet engaging way.”