Sunday, June 9 began TBM’s Disaster Relief efforts in the Dallas area after strong storms caused thousands of trees to fall on homes, property, and across power lines disrupting electricity for hundreds of thousands of people.

As that relief work continued, another system on Sunday, June 16 in the DFW Metroplex spawned three tornadoes greatly increased the work ahead of the TBM Volunteers in Chainsaw, Feeding, and Shower/Laundry teams. And as normal, these volunteers are continuing to step up through what could be a month-long deployment in the DFW Metroplex due to the number of families who still need assistance. There are currently four chainsaw teams housed in the Dallas headquarters, one working out of their homes in Collin County, and two more on their way from Central and East Texas.

Working through this many projects requires a lot of volunteers and a significant amount of funds. Our volunteers are volunteers and aren’t paid, but there are expenses such as food, fuel, and equipment that also help make the work TBM does happen. The number of tasks also necessitates a priority system which is based on the severity of the damage. The priorities in chainsaw disaster relief situations are 1) damage to house, entrance or egress, senior adults, disabled individuals, first responders, and imminent damage situations; 2) large trees with the potential to fall across house or driveway; and 3) yard clean-up of debris and fallen trees that do not pose imminent threat to life or property. 

One of TBM’s Priority One projects was a tree that had fallen across a woman’s front door making entry and exit almost impossible. “I’m so grateful for what you all were able to do,” she said as the volunteers finished.

“I’m going to have a great story to tell my Sunday School class next week.” During the prayer time she further expressed her gratitude through tears to the men and women who worked on her home in Dallas, “You are truly a God-send. Thank God and thank you.”

“The amount of work in the area has required us to ask other states for assistance,” Dwain Carter, TBM State Disaster Relief Director said. “The problem is that with so many other relief efforts underway due to flooding in Oklahoma and Arkansas, we just don’t have the people and equipment to respond the way we want to. One of the teams working alongside us in Arkansas is from South Carolina. We are really having to pull people together due to all the recent storms across the US.”

Between Sunday, June 9 and Sunday, June 16, TBM Disaster Relief has provided the following to Dallas – Fort Worth area residents in need.

  • 1,886 volunteer hours
  • 135 ministry contact resulting in seven professions of faith
  • 47 Bibles distributed
  • 100 heavy equipment hours
  • 38 chainsaw jobs

“We need your support right now. If you are TBM Chainsaw trained, please contact us,” Carter added. If you are able to financially support this effort, please visit, call 214-275-1100, or mail a check to TBM, 5351 Catron Dr. Dallas, TX 75227. “We need you to help impact people’s lives.”