TBM has entered into a God-ordained partnership with Israel’s Emergency Volunteer Project (EVP) to support and work alongside Israelis in time of crisis. Acting on behalf of the State of Israel, the EVP is authorized by the Israeli government to recruit, train and deploy volunteer teams to assist in various capacities.  The Israeli government and emergency services turn to EVP’s network of trained volunteers to aid when it is most needed.

From man-made to natural disasters, Israel is at imminent risk. When a natural disaster strikes at home in the US, we can be assured of an outpouring of support from around the country but things are different in Israel. The country is cautiously examining the predictions of a 100-year earthquake and the understanding that they will not be able to rely on their neighbors for assistance and support. 

Based on TBM’s 50-year success record for training  volunteers and responding to disasters, TBM and EVP is launching a campaign to train Emergency Response Teams (ERTs) consisting of hundreds of volunteers from local US churches to commit to deploy to Israel when a disaster hits the country. American volunteers will be trained in Israeli methods and protocols in order to assist Israeli first responders when deployed in an emergency situations and on mission trips during peacetime. While the primary goal is to train teams of volunteers to help Israel during crises, attendees can also apply this training personally and in your local community. By taking this important step, you are demonstrating to Israel your support and commitment. Upon completion of training, deployment teams will be organized for short or long-term assignments according to availability and skills. When a crisis does occur, credentials provided through this class and this partnership will be the only avenue into Israel to assist.  

In addition to response team deployments, there will be opportunities for peacetime mission trips and ways to meet financial needs in the area through which  you can share the resources God has provided your church. 

Within the next few weeks, detailed information on training opportunities in Texas will become available. In the meantime, please pray about how your church can have direct impact on the people of Israel. 

This partnership will include sending Godly men and women to Israel to do one or more of the following:
• Cross-train disaster relief volunteers in Israel and Texas
• Provide disaster relief equipment for mobile kitchens
• Send teams to renovate bomb shelters
• Provide $100,000 in initial funding
• Other tasks and opportunities that present themselves as God leads this work.

For more information on this partnership and how you or your church can be involved, please contact John-Travis Smith at johntravis.smith@tbmtx.org.