TBM responded quickly after the Feb. 6 earthquake devastated regions of Turkey and Syria. Now, TBM is sending its water ministry leader to Turkey to bring more water filtration to both countries.

“Our donors have been greatly moved by the tragic situation after the earthquake,” said Rand Jenkins, TBM’s director of ministry advancement. “And we have been working with in-country and neighboring ministry partners to provide blankets, water and food.”

Mitch Chapman, director of TBM water impact, is now heading to Turkey to provide increased access to drinking water. He is taking two water filtration systems, each contained in a packing case and capable of providing clean water for 12,800 people a piece.

“The biggest need is to get water cleaned up in tent cities,” Chapman said. “We’re going to go over there and test the water for bacteria, to see if this filtration system will work as needed.”

If the system works as expected, Chapman hopes to identify local sources for parts so local Christians can build more filter systems. Also, Christians are coming from Syria to be trained on how to build the systems.

“The need over there is so great,” he said. “We don’t come in with an attitude that we can do things better than them. Rather, we are there to help them fill in gaps.”

Chapman is going to Turkey in partnership with Missouri Baptist Disaster Relief. “We’re going to be focusing on people who have been displaced and are living in tent cities. We have the opportunity to bring clean water and to teach them how to take it to the next place.

“We’re going to go and empower the local churches in this region,” Chapman said. “They are going to have an opportunity to serve the rest of their community.”

The project is part of TBM’s International Relief efforts. Supporters can donate to the effort by giving through the TBM website.