In the wake of recent volcanic eruptions in Hawaii, the area has run out of respirator masks that filter out ash. To meet this critical need, Texas Baptist Men is sending 200 of these masks to aid volunteers in their clean-up efforts.

“The N95 masks filter out the ash that covers everything after a volcanic eruption,” Terry Henderson, director of TBM Disaster Relief said. “We have trained ash-out teams and we understand the issues they’ll face as clean-up continues. The masks we are sending to Pahala Baptist Church and Puna Baptist Church will help ensure the workers and volunteers breathe in clean air.”

TBM has a long-standing relationship with these two churches as well as a recent connection with the Hawaii Baptist Convention. Three years ago when lava flow threatened the community, TBM sent Childcare teams at the request of the state convention to work with the children who were displaced.

“We are glad to be able to help in this capacity,” Mickey Lenamon, TBM Executive Director said. “We are not only sending needed materials, but encouragement and prayer for their work as they minister to their community.”