TBM Disaster Relief volunteers from Lubbock and Amarillo are clearing debris of homes that have been burned by fires in the Ruidoso, N.M. area.


The fire recovery team will use a combination of tractors and handheld tools to clear lots and sift through debris for mementos that survived the blaze. The McBride Fire and the Nogal Canyon Fire have consumed more than 6,500 acres.


“Fires are devastating,” TBM Disaster Relief Director David Wells said. “Imagine all of your belongings going up in flames. It’s traumatic. TBM volunteers are delivering help, hope and healing to people are in exactly that position. Please pray for residents in the area as well as those who are responding to needs.”


Many people on the team have previously served after other fires, including in Colorado and most recently in Texas after the Eastland Complex fires.


“I’m a part of this because it’s an opportunity for me to be able to give back to people that are in their darkest times,” TBM volunteer Jason Morton told KAMC TV.” Thankfully, I have the opportunity to be able to go and volunteer and help people during this time.”