TBM: Texans on Mission has provided $150,000 to transport medical professionals from the United States to help treat people affected by the ongoing war in Israel.

“Doctors, nurses and paramedics are on their way to help as volunteers in Israel,” said John-Travis Smith, TBM associate executive director who coordinates TBM ministry in Israel. “So many people are suffering as a result of the violence in Israel,” Smith said.

“TBM is helping the people in any way we can. We had set up disaster relief equipment there in advance of any type of need. Now, our trained volunteers are providing meals for those in need. Getting medical professionals to the scene is just another way we can help the people.”

From a secure location, a team of 18 TBM volunteers has been providing food in Israel for more than a week. Roughly half of them are set to return this week with another group of volunteers are ready to take their place, Smith said. Volunteers are coming from across the country and beyond to join the effort, including Baptists on Mission, Church Forward and Hungarian Baptist Aid. (Read an Oct. 11 Baptist Standard story about the initial work.)

“Our volunteers are stepping up to serve,” he said. “They’re meeting the needs of people who have been impacted by the war. Many of these people have lost their homes. Their neighborhoods have been hit hard. TBM volunteers are reaching out with the compassion of Christ to Southern Israel during these difficult times.”