TBM has placed all of its disaster relief volunteers and mobile kitchens on alert in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic that is sweeping across the globe.


At least 79 people have come down with COVID-19 in Texas and Gov. Greg Abbott expects “an exponential increase” in that number as the spread of the virus follows the same pattern as other places worldwide. More than 182,000 people have the virus globally.


The spread of the disease has led to the closure of a variety of businesses across the state, the increase of social distancing and churches choosing to meet online rather than in person. People have cleared entire shelves of products such as toilet paper and meat in some places.


“In the midst of uncertain times, we can always count on two things: God loves us, and TBM will be prepared to respond to needs,” said Dwain Carter, director of TBM Disaster Relief. “Our volunteers are the best in the world at what they do. If there’s an opportunity to deliver help, hope and healing, we will do just that.”


Fully staffed with ample food supply, TBM can provide 200,000 meals a day through its kitchens. TBM leaders are in continuous contact with national, state and local leaders to see where the ministry can serve.

In the event a prolonged widespread response is needed, TBM is in the process of putting its training online, making it easier than ever before for people to go through TBM Disaster Relief orientation as well as basic food handling. To sign up to be notified when the training is available, visit https://www.tbmtx.org/crisis.


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TBM is working strategically with partners throughout Texas to identify pockets of significant need in the midst of the pandemic.


“When disasters strike, the vulnerable are most likely to suffer,” Carter said. “In this case, that could be seniors on limited incomes, children and people living in poverty. We want to make sure everyone has a warm meal in their stomachs and hope in their hearts. Together with God's strength, we will get through this situation.”


TBM can respond to disasters thanks to gifts from people like you. 100 percent of donations for TBM disaster relief support disaster relief ministry. To give, visit TBMTX.org/donate


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