The deadly Cyclone Idai that struck Mozambique in March was the worst it has experienced, possibly ever, killing hundreds and displacing almost 600,000 people. Due to the massive flooding, water-borne illnesses like cholera have been spreading at an alarming rate.

Through past relationships due to international disaster relief, TBM received a call for help. “After talking with our contacts in Mozambique it was determined that the best way to provide life-saving assistance was to supply water filters,” DeeDee Wint of TBM Water Ministry said. “We understand there is widespread disease due to people drinking contaminated water - water with dead bodies floating in it - and the filters we are delivering will help save lives.”

TBM has delivered 500 Sawyer Point One bucket filters and each one can meet the needs of a family of five, and if cleaned properly, can last up to eight years. In addition to these single-family filters, TBM provided money for a large community filter that will help on a larger scale.

As clean-up and disaster relief efforts continue, we will maintain contact and find more ways to help these disaster-stricken communities.

To learn more about TBM Water Ministry and to help save lives in Mozambique, please visit