Following devastating flooding last week in Amarillo, TBM teams have been called out to provide assistance and recovery to victims there. TBM Blue Cap Ernie McNabb said his recovery team has been given its first assignment, helping a local family whose home was flooded. 

"We'll be pulling carpeting and sheet rock, and helping them move furniture out," said McNabb, who emphasized the need for speed in flood recovery. "It's important that our teams get there fast, especially with sheet rock removal. A lot of times, these families only have friends helping them, but black mold can take hold quickly and ruin a house."

McNabb, a member of Paramount Baptist Church in Amarillo, said about 15 Paramount members have answered the call as TBM volunteers, and he expects others to add their efforts. A TBM team from Parker County also is in Amarillo, providing shower and laundry units in the parking lot of a local shoppt expects more with the extent of flooding, which he said covered "several city blocks" in Amarillo.