Texas Baptist Men has begun its response to the devastating train crash in India, which left more than 270 people dead, over 1,200 more injured and Indian authorities struggling to respond. TBM transferred relief funds this week and is accepting donations for more support.

“For the last several years, TBM has been quietly building the infrastructure of a disaster relief network in this very area,” said Mickey Lenamon, TBM executive director/CEO. “We have people on the ground. When the wreck happened, TBM partners knew how to step up in the name of Christ.”

Initial funding provides relief for victims and their families. “Our ministry partner is providing meals and temporary housing to victims and their families, as well as visiting, praying with, counseling and encouraging victims in hospitals,” Lenamon said.

He has asked for people to pray for the victims and that God would use the ministry efforts to “spread God's love and hope across the Indian nation.” Lenamon also noted the need for funds to provide much-needed counseling, food, housing, medical aid and other supplies requested by responders.

Rupert Robbins, TBM’s disaster relief associate director, spent weeks in the region of India where the wreck occurred. “Our partners in India are going ahead with responses as a step of faith,” Robbins said. “They are coordinating with doctors and hospital officials to determine the most pressing needs that we can address.”