Parents often have to stretch every dollar as far as they can to provide for their young children. With high inflation, many families are finding those resources simply can’t be stretched far enough to provide the necessities babies need like diapers.

The situation has created a run on diapers at many ministries, crisis pregnancy centers and church outreaches. As soon as they’re donated, people are picking them up. Through a diaper drive in honor of Mother’s Day, TBM friends, supporters and volunteers are making sure families have what they need.

“God cares deeply for moms and children,” said Mickey Lenamon, TBM executive director/CEO. “We do too. This is a tangible way we could show that and share God’s love.”

TBM set out to collect and distribute 50,000 diapers in honor of Mother’s Day. As word spread about the drive, a continuous flow of Amazon boxes, diaper deliveries and donations streamed into TBM headquarters. Churches, Bible study groups and even companies pitched in to help families in crisis. Each day, someone new contributed to the effort, fueling the energy and excitement of the initiative.

In two weeks, people from across Texas had donated more than 175,000 diapers. TBM is already distributing them to trusted partners and ministries.

“The TBM family is called to step up to meet times in crisis, and led by their faith, they have done so again,” Lenamon said. “We are overjoyed by the response to this effort. Whether you donated one diaper or 1,000 diapers, you helped deliver help, hope and healing to Texas mothers and children.”

Steve Watson, director of aid and assistance at Buckner International, described the impact of the diapers like this: "Families are telling us that increased costs due to inflation are making it difficult to afford basic needs. Families with small children are especially having difficulty affording diapers, formula and other supplies. Thanks to your generosity, they will have what they need."

The diaper drive reinforces one of TBM’s guiding principles: everyone can help share God’s love.

“People from across Texas donated diapers,” Lenamon said. “Students contributed. Adults contributed. Senior adults contributed. Others prayed for the effort and the mothers and children who will receive the diapers. Everyone working together helped create this massive outpouring of compassion.”