On Friday, India witnessed one of the worst train crashes it has ever seen.

The Coromandel Express, a high-speed train on its way to Chennai, diverted and slammed into an idle heavy goods train. The collision pushed them onto the opposite track, causing another high-speed train to hit them. The three-way crash left over 1,000 injured; sadly, nearly 300 did not survive their injuries.

A few days later, photos of 165 victims were released to the public to help families identify loved ones involved in the crash.

Injured patients are filling hospitals to the brim, leaving doctors working around the clock. They do not have the means to provide all the necessary items to care for victims.

For two years, TBM has been building the infrastructure for local-led disaster relief ministry in India. TBM has been connecting churches and collectively they’ve brainstormed ways to respond after floods and typhoons. This train wreck was near one of those churches.

TBM's ministry partner has visited train wreck victims in the hospital, providing prayer, encouragement, food and other essentials.

Volunteers have requested bedside pans, trimmers used before surgery, medicine and walkers for hospital patients.

The church is responding to these widespread needs on faith, and the TBM family has stepped forward with initial funding to make sure needs are met and volunteers can continue sharing God’s love.

Will you pray for this situation today?