TBM Disaster Relief leaders led a class on flood relief work in Louisville, Ky. on Jan. 27 as part of a gathering of Southern Baptist Disaster Relief leaders from across the nation.


TBM is the birthplace of Southern Baptist disaster relief. The ministry began when a small group of men with “buddy burners” – small camping-style cookers – fed people affected by Hurricane Beulah as well as first responders in 1967. In the years that followed, TBM leaders trained disaster relief volunteers in all 50 states, laying the groundwork for the Southern Baptist Disaster Relief, the nation’s third-largest disaster relief effort.


Driven by faith, more than 8,000 TBM disaster relief volunteers continue delivering help, hope and healing after disasters in Texas, throughout the United States and around the globe and teaching others how to do it through mass feeding, cutting fallen trees, cleaning out and rebuilding homes and many more initiatives. TBM is in the midst of the busiest time in its history, having responded to disasters for 40 straight months.


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