Rocking chairs on a wrap-around porch, a white picket fence, cozy beds and delicious homemade meals – these are just a few of the amenities a weary ministry leader can find at Cornerstone Lodge in Scurry, Texas.

For the past 16 years, the three-story, eight-bedroom home nestled in the beautiful countryside has hosted countless ministry leaders and individuals in need of respite. But when the house began looking faded itself, Resident Managers Bob and LaDonna Baird began praying about what to do.

“It needed painting really bad,” said Bob Baird, who has managed the facility for six years. “The thought of it just loomed over me. I’ve been praying for three or four years about how to get all the work done.”

The Bairds’ prayers were answered when a team of nearly 30 TBM volunteers arrived at the lodge in mid-July ready to work.

“This ministry has helped countless pastors and ministers spend some quiet time with God,” said TBM Ministry Advancement Coordinator Sabrina Pinales. “Here, God refreshes them. By investing time and energy into these facilities, we hope to bring new life to the ministry as well, strengthening it so it can serve many more leaders.

Over the course of three days volunteers prepped, pressure washed, sanded and painted different areas of the facility. A volunteer from Azle Avenue Baptist Church in Fort Worth who is a painter by trade even brought his own professional painting equipment, ensuring the job was done quickly and smoothly.  

Twelve students from Trinity Baptist Church in Mount Pleasant were also among the volunteers. Student Minister Carlos Martinez felt led to bring his students after enjoying the lodge as a guest himself earlier this summer.

“It’s great place to sit, rest and unplug from everything, allowing you to meditate and talk to God,” Martinez said. “It meant a lot to me personally to be able to go back and help Cornerstone. You always like to return the favor when someone does something nice for you”

Volunteers also placed rocks in the garden, cleaned algae and painted the rocking chairs that grace the front porch of the picturesque home.

“First impression is a good thing for a lodge like this,” Baird explained. “People like to come here to sit outside, rest and enjoy this place of peace and healing. It’s just a better atmosphere when things look nice … The volunteers were a big, big answer to prayer.”