The sun isn’t even up when TBM Disaster Relief volunteers begin rolling into Fair Park in South Dallas. The team is gathered and ready to serve before most people are even on site.


TBM volunteers are keeping doctors, nurses and first responders fueled with food and drinks as they administer COVID vaccines at the Dallas County mass vaccination site. Each day medical professionals serve, TBM is there and will be through at least the end of March.


“Volunteers are excited to be part of this effort,” TBM Disaster Relief Director David Wells said. “We all want to end the pandemic. This is a tangible way to help make that happen. We’re distributing about 100 meals for breakfast and another 170 meals for lunch. We’re encouraging those who are serving. The process is working well.”


In addition to wearing face masks and social distancing, health experts repeatedly have said the vaccines are key to de-escalating the pandemic. Dallas County currently is vaccinating people who are medical professionals, over the age of 65 or have underlying conditions.


Each day the county administers vaccines, TBM teams as large as seven people distribute meals. Volunteers do not need any training and serve roughly 8-hour shifts.


“Vaccinating a county is an incredibly large endeavor that requires cooperation,” TBM Disaster Relief Director David Wells said. “Doctors can’t do it alone. Nurses can’t do it alone. The county can’t do it alone. But God brings all of us together to save lives. As TBM, we’re honored to be part of that effort.”


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