A TBM box unit distributed 1,750 free packing boxes people affected by Friday’s explosion at a Houston industrial site that left damage not seen in the area since Hurricane Harvey.


The packing boxes help people sort through their belongings. As they distributed the boxes, TBM volunteers visited with people and sought to lift them up in a difficult situation.


“As people return to the area, they are surveying the damage and looking to see what they can save,” said Dwain Carter, director of TBM Disaster Relief. “These boxes provide a very practical tool to help them. It also provides an opportunity for conversation where trained volunteers can comfort and encourage those who have been affected by the explosion.”


Debris flew as far as two miles in the wake of Friday’s explosion and hundreds of homes have been impacted. In the immediate aftermath of the explosion, two neighborhoods were closed off to people who don’t live there. The recovery process will be extensive.


Since 1967, TBM has responded to every natural disaster in the state, most in the United States and many around the world, delivering help, hope and healing to millions through mass feeding, chainsaw, box distribution, clean out and rebuilding ministries. It is in the midst of one of the busiest times in the organization's history as volunteers have served for 40 straight months.


TBM Disaster Relief is made possible by gifts from people like you. 100 percent of disaster relief gifts support disaster relief ministry, empowering volunteers to deliver help, hope and healing.