Texas Baptist Men Water Ministry partnered with NavajoH2O #NavajoH2O to distribute water filters to the Navajo Nation around the area of Gallup, New Mexico. The Navajo have no surface water rights and the water that they can get is often contaminated either with bacteria or contains naturally occurring arsenic or unsafe levels of radiation from uranium mining run off.

In the areas near town, water is piped from municipal water sources, however, the reservation covers a vast area and this method is not economically feasible beyond a certain point. Drilling water wells is also a very costly solution because the depth of the water table (around 1000 feet) and the difficulty of drilling cause wells to cost as much as $400,000. The fact that people live so far apart compounds this problem because distribution from a common well is expensive also.

Ceramic water filters provided by Texas Baptist Men Water Ministry  @tbm_water is helping with this critical situation by providing a means by which available water sources my be used, thus eliminating the need to use bottled water. Using bottled water is always a difficult option because of the need to constantly transport the water and it can become very expensive in the long run. The filters that TBM/Water provides will last for years and will give great protection against bacteria and other contaminates providing #cleanwater.  #FightForTheForgotten