After storms caused power outages and extensive property damage on May 25 in Pilot Point, north of Dallas, Texans on Mission volunteers are doing what they do best throughout the community.

A TXM chainsaw team was out on Memorial Day cutting down tree limbs and clearing other debris from homes.

The love and appreciation for such work is overflowing in residents like Patty Hill (above), who had faith everything would be OK the day a piece of a 40-foot-tall tree fell on the shed next to her home.

Surrounded by glass windows in the middle of the storm, she prayed it would pass. Two days later she “heard chainsaws all over the city” — relief teams helping residents recover.

“All the storms around have been daunting,” Patty said. “I’m just so grateful that you guys are doing this. It’s a holiday and you guys are out serving people. It overwhelms me.”