Texans on Mission's Deep East Texas chainsaw team receiving surprising gifts recently after finishing work on a house in Dallas. The homeowners presented the team with an American flag and U.S. Army 101st Airborne Division flag.

A well-loved oak tree had fallen on a couple's home, which they have lived in for 25 years. Both flags came down with the tree. Although the flags were considered soiled and should have been burned, the veteran who lived in the home “couldn’t do it.”

He was so touched by how the chainsaw team did their work with care and asked his wife to give the flags to the team while he was away at work.

After completing the job, the team presented the couple with a Bible signed by team members, and they received two flags in exchange.

Vietnam veteran, Rickie Parker (right in photo, alongside Michael Pedigo), received the flags on behalf of the team and was brought to tears at the thought of how honorable it was.

“We just happen to cut trees and try to save people,” Parker said. “We just want to minister to their needs and help them.”