Texans on Mission volunteer Anne Neal talks with fire survivor Frank Probst, who lost his home in the Feb. 27 wildfire in Fritch. 

Volunteers bring what they can to a family that has lost much

Texans on Mission volunteers brought comfort, hugs, shovels, a skid steer and Scripture to the Probst family Wednesday in Fritch in the Texas Panhandle. That response came after harrowing days of destruction.

The first photos here show some of the Texans on Mission response. The later photos show what the Probst family went through on Feb. 27.

COMFORT: Neal (above) talks with fire survivor Frank Probst.  Probst said he was unaware of the danger until his grandson, Kayden, left, saw the smoke. In less than five minutes, his home was gone.








SHOVELS & SKID STEER: Texans on Mission volunteer Jim Hunt (right) of Southcliff Baptist Church in Fort Worth clears ash and debris from Probst's burned home. The ash-out team cleared the debris down to the slab for Probst, who said he plans to rebuild on the site.









SCRIPTURE: Neal presents a Bible to Probst on behalf of the team. Notice Kayden's smile (partially hidden behind his grandfather).






TERROR & DESTRUCTION: Probst took photos (below) as the tragedy unfolded. His grandson, Kayden, saw the smoke and alerted Probst to the danger. The flames moved rapidly toward his neighborhood, driven by 40-mph winds. By the time Probst began evacuating in his car, flames had reached his yard and law enforcement began blocking streets and sounding alarms. Early the next morning, Probst and his wife return in the morning to the remains of their home, seen in the light of their car headlights.